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                             Jack Duffy Award

The Jack Duffy Award is a trophy presented by the Hobart Jazz Club in conjunction with the Musicians Union of Tasmania. Jack Duffy (deceased) was a musician (piano/vibes/accordion) who, apart from being talented and jovial, loved to encourage the younger players with their music.  Nominees’ work is measured by ability and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm includes what the nominee gives back to the jazz industry.

          2003 (inaugural) – Randal Muir (piano/accordion)
          2004 - James Maddock (sax)
          2005 - Joint winners Matthew Ives (drums) and
                     Cameron Scott (multi-instrumentalist & band leader)
          2006 - Kelly Ottaway (piano/vibes)
          2007 - Hayden Dare (trombone)
          2008 - Alex Howroyd (sax/clarinet/flute/trumpet)
          2009 - Nick Hart - (guitar)
          2010 - Dan Sulzberger (piano)
          2011 - Liam O'Leary (drums)
          2012  - Hamish Houston (bass) & Nick Parish (guitar)

          2013  -  Aaron Entrezs (guitar)
          2014  -  Amelia Johnson (vocal)
          2015  -  Jamie Pregnell (guitar)

                                         Ian Pearce Piano Scholarship

     This is a scholarship run in conjunction with Clarence City
Council. The winner is selected from applicants nominated by
music teachers  in the community. The recipient receives approximately 10 lessons  from a teacher chosen by the Clarence Jazz Festival Committee, and also has a masterclass with the
Festival Ambassador with a performance at the festival included.

             2015 (inaugural) - Finnian Reese

Jack Kirwin Memorial Bursary

The Jack Kirwin Memorial Bursary is a financial contribution from the Claremont RSL and the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music, coordinated by the Hobart Jazz Club Inc.  The recipient of this award is a student of the conservatorium whose work is measured by ability and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm includes what the nominee gives back to  the jazz industry and/or education facility, for example helping other students at exam time or community work in the field of music. Ability includes his or her performance. 

         2008 (inaugural) —Jim Varell (trumpet)
         2009 - joint winners Steve Bumford (piano) and Nick Parish (guitar). 
         2010 -  Michael Panton (guitar)
         2011  -  Aaron Entrezs (guitar)
         2012 -